About Us

In 2016, after successful careers in London, the founders of MyShaqo were looking to fill a vacancy in Hargeisa, Somaliland. After a very bad experience and high costs, they decided to set up MyShaqo and help make a difference.

This is because they genuinely believe that a large factor of the unemployment in Somaliland and Somalia is because of the business environment, perception of jobs, lack of information or understanding, and deep rooted “cultural” views. They also believe that unemployment and low quality education is one of the key reasons for migration, social exclusion and the vulnerability to the persuasion of violent extremist.

About the founder of myShaqo

Musti Madar is the Founder and the current Managing Director of SMGT Consulting who are the sole investors of myShaqo. He founded SMGT in 2017 after an extensive career in the London property market and investment sector.

In 2003, Mr. Madar was appointed Manager for a boutique property business in South London where he achieved extraordinary results together with his team for a period of 3 years.

He was then appointed Senior Portfolio Manager for a firm in London’s Liverpool Street specialising in property and asset management. Here, Mr Madar was overseeing the firms key “Grosvenor” account until 2008.

In 2010, Mr. Madar joined one of the largest Real Estate firms in Europe. After 5 years of record breaking results and several promotions, he was installed as the firms Area Director overseeing the very competitive London market.

Mr. Madar specialises in people and customer centred strategy, and the implementation of a “high-performance culture” to ensure objectives are met and exceeded.

Mr. Madar earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Malmo University and is currently in the process of completing his masters in the same subject.


Why Us

There are lots of great websites that advertise vacancies in Somaliland and Somalia, but there are no database job portals that are the equivalent of a Monster or a Total Jobs.

With myShaqo, candidates and employers can expect:

  • A FREE job portal that is developed to help, support and promote opportunities relevant to their needs.
  • An account area for both Candidates and Employers.
  • Responsive website supported by modern technology and LiteSpeed server to allow quick upload in slow internet countries.
  • The ability to download CV’s from our talent pool of a growing number of skilled candidates.
  • The ability to upload your CV and help employers find your information with ease and joy.
  • Text out your new jobs to relevant jobseekers once you post
  • Receive job alerts on JOB MATCHING your experience, skills or education.

In addition to the above, our co-founder team has both business experience and technical ability.  On average, they have spent the last 15 years in management and leadership developing strategies that create a high performance culture. This includes creating HR Strategies such as recruitment and selection, training and development, and activity and performance management.


Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce the growing unemployment, build capacity, empower young men and women, and become the most innovative, best performing and trusted job portal in East Africa.

We will achieve this by proactively implementing activities or platforms that will improve the dialogue between jobseekers and employers whilst adopting measuring plans to ensure effectivity

Our Mission

To reduce the unemployment of young women and men in Somaliland and Somalia, and to encourage personal responsibility, inclusion and growth.

Our Personnel

Qualified, motivated personnel are the key to success, to role model and implement a career focused programme that is set out to improve the current unemployment problem and all its consequences. The activities and projects alone are nothing without qualified facilitators and mentors to guide the youth and other jobseekers through the process of growth.

The team will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to myShaqo ranging from youth development, IT, law, business, education and finance experience from London, Sweden, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Somaliland.

Additionally, they have the leadership skills to ensure that the organisation and the programme thrives.

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