Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I apply for a job without a CV?

Employers would like to select people based on suitability, competence and skills, therefore, it is important for you to provide an up-to-date CV.

Why are there not many jobs on here yet?

We are a new business and not many people know about us yet. Help us spread the benefits of MyShaqo by sharing on your Facebook. Together we can make a real impact in Somaliland and Somalia.

Is building a CV free?

Yes :).

Where can I create a profile?

You will find it under “Register My CV” or register as a candidate.

I have a job, should I still register?

Yes. You should always look for better opportunities, more money and a better environment.

How will employers find me?

When you register, employers can browse your skillset. Alternatively, create a CV and apply for roles yourself.

Why is it free?

To encourage all employers in Somaliland and Somalia to advertise their jobs. We believe that more jobs will bring more hope which in turn will lead to a better future.