How To Get Somali Jobs You’re Not Qualified For

How To Get Somali Jobs You’re Not Qualified For.. Or shall we say, how to get Interviewed for Somali Jobs and Somaliland jobs that you are not qualified for. Either or, I am aiming to share information that will help you through the door.


Recently, I have been getting lots of messages about the none existence of entry level jobs in Somalia and Somaliland. Furthermore, it appears that 9 out of 10 jobs are seeking experience levels of 4 years or more.

From personal experience, when I was involved with human resources as a director of a front office team, I can hand on heart say, experience alone is not enough. Furthermore, our most recent strategy was to recruit graduates on entry level. This trend appears to have been adopted by some of the biggest companies in the world i.e. Google, Facebook etc.

Whilst the reasons for this change of strategy was many, I am not planning to discuss this on this post.

Instead, I wanted to write about how you AS A JOBSEEKER, can still get the Somali job THAT YOU ARE NOT “QUALIFIED” FOR.


So, here are my 10 points of advise…. I have personally tested it, and it works, so I hope it works for you too…

  1. STOP FOCUSING ON HOW “unrealistic” EMPLOYERS ARE and focus on the positive which is- YOU HAVE FOUND A JOB YOU LIKE!
  2. APART FROM THE EXPERIENCE required, focus on other areas of why your skillset is suited for the role.
  3. FOCUS on your personal advantages such as your personality, enthusiasm, attitude and behaviour.

Note: This is one of the biggest winners. I know 101 employers who would die for staff members with an amazing enthusiasm, behaviour and attitude.

  1. Create a killer CV and a covering letter. You can find information on how to make one here For Design templates, click below:
  1. Understand that the reason this job is available is BECAUSE THERE IS A NEED. So think about 5 REASONS on how you are the SOLUTION TO THAT NEED.
  2. Call or visit the employers (I like the latter). Introduce yourself, say you are just making contact before you apply and have a question. Share your 5 REASONS OF WHY you are the solution and then ask if the “experience” or “qualification” is a deal breaker? If it is not a deal breaker, submit the application. YOU ARE IN :). You do not need to continue down the list but you will need to follow up on your application. If you get a rejection, start from point 8 and work your way down;).
  3. If it is a deal breaker, ask if they can recommend you to someone who might be interested in your skillset.
  4. Also, ask, if you can work for them as an intern- explain how GREAT YOUR ATITUTUDE IS, ENTHUSIASM and BEHAVIOUR, and that you are willing to do anything to get an opportunity to work for them.
  5. Focus on building a relationship with the hiring manager.
  6. Keep in touch with them VIA phone or face to face.


If YOU deliver each of the above points EVERY single time, you will have more friends in the right places, build experience, and you will eventually LAND THE JOB YOU WERE NOT QUALIFIED FOR!

Good luck and keep out for the video about this issue.






Musti Madar is the founder of Myshaqo, SMGT and Life-mapp. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years’ corporate experience. Follow him on LinkedIn here