myShaqo is striving to make recruitment in Somaliland and Somalia better and fairer. To fully achieve this goal, we have initially committed not to charge employers for an ordinary job post. This is so we can encourage every single employer to make their vacancies available to everyone as oppose to only a certain group, gender, age, family or clan.

We want to keep the powerful honest and create an environment where people feel that they will be chosen on merit and performance, and not anything else.

Furthermore, this decision of keeping our services free will give private sector employers in Somaliland and Somalia an opportunity to recruit without any concerns about their expenses.

We believe that is the first step towards giving people the hope of a better opportunity in Somaliland and Somalia, and that it will eventually positively influence the business environment, immigration and unfair recruitment practices.

If you are interested in hearing more about our plans or a potential partnership, please write to us on and we will make contact to discuss your proposal or arrange a meeting.

Your Local Partner

myShaqo also offers services as an implementer, local partner and/or as a service provider to support INGO projects in Somaliland and Somalia.

With comprehensive experience in high performance culture, coupled with many years of working with people, management, strategy and execution, we know exactly what it takes to improve outputs and sustainability.

Please do get in touch for more information on