Somalia jobs or Jobs in Somalia?

After a recent survey, we have noticed that a large group of job seekers plan is compiled of a quick Google search typing “Somalia jobs or Jobs in Somalia”.

Furthermore, about 89% of the survey participants assumes that all jobs require an average of 3-4 years experience and most portals advertise the same jobs.

Perplexed by the results, I shared that 40% of the jobs we advertise are exclusively on with us. Furthermore, we advertise around 11 trainee jobs a month and many of our successful placements were won by people who did not have the experienced initially required.

Other findings highlighted by this latest survey confirms the findings of our very first research, perception has a large part to play in the unemployment issues in Somaliland and Somalia.




Musti Madar is the founder of Myshaqo, SMGT and Life-mapp. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years’ corporate experience. Follow him on LinkedIn here


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