Taking personal responsibility is key in Somaliland and Somalia

Recently I shared my vision for Somaliland and Somalia on LinkedIn… I stated, that my vision is “A country where the vast majority of people are working and taking “personal responsibility” of their situation… ”

Immediately after I posted this statement, I received a phone call from several of my friends who were not happy with what I stated….

Surprised, I asked why they feel that way… They responded “you are painting us the wrong way”.

Perplexed with their statement, I explained that it was not my intention to make Somaliland or Somalia to look bad… In fact, my vision is far from uttering bad words against the country of my origin.

My vision is purely based on four things….

  • To create jobs and opportunities so everyone in Somaliland and Somalia has an income.
  • To encourage inclusion and transparency during recruitment so everyone is treated fairly.
  • To positively influence salaries by creating competition for staff.
  • To encourage personal responsibility by changing paradigms and perceptions.

As you can see, I want the complete opposite.

When Barak Obama was encouraging the mighty US to fight and fix their own economy, he stated” ‘Our Country Is Only as Strong as the Character  of our people” He went on to talk about how people should not rely on anything else apart from themselves… That people should fight for their country and work harder than ever etc.

I agree wholeheartedly…

This is why I think our country is only as good as our people…  So, if the people are progressing then the country will do well. This is why I want the vast majority of people to be working and taking “personal responsibility” of their situation… ”

Good luck and keep out for more valuable information.




Musti Madar is the founder of Myshaqo, SMGT and Life-mapp. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years’ corporate experience. Follow him on LinkedIn here



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